David Smith reports

BU13 Yorkshire vs Kent

The scoresheet says 4-1 in favour of Yorkshire,however Kent made them work hard for it. First on were #3 and #5 who both won 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. Mike Mitterer made Jed Nowell work hard for his 3-2 win to put Yorkshire into the final. The match was rounded off by Harry Anderson who beat Dominic Major 3-0 before Jack Mitterer pulled one back for Kent.

Result: Yorkshire 4 Kent 1

BU13 Essex vs Gloucestershire

A very closely contested semi final came down to the last string, #2. Before this Nathan Mead came through 3-2 vs Timmy Bacon to put Gloucestershire back in it at 2-2.

And it was James Musto who took full advantage of his teams momentum beating Harry Kitchens 3-0 putting Gloucestershire into the final.

Result: Essex 2 Gloucestershire 3

BU15 Yorkshire vs Essex

Yorkshire came through this semi final encounter with Essex fairly unscathed. All 5 strings came through their matches in fine form, only dropping one game on their way to the final.

Result: Yorkshire 5 Essex 0

BU15 Sussex vs Surrey

Cameron Baker got Sussex off to a great start, beating Max Exelby 3-0. However Surrey were soon briefly back in the match with Ross Glide edging a 3-2 win against William Rowe. Despite this mini fight back, Sussex blew away the rest of the field, earning Sussex a 4-1 victory putting them safely through to the final.

Result: Sussex 4 Surrey 1

GU13 Group A

Surrey vs S E W

A combination of Katie Jones, Eleri Rowlands and Bronte Wright saw S E Wales ease past Surrey, moving to 1 win away from a spot in the final.

Result: Surrey 0 S E W 3

Cumbria vs S E W

Although S E W came through 3-0 overall in the match, let’s not forget the fighting spirit of Cumbria. In particular was Michelle Tang who took Eleri Rowlands all the way to 5 games. However S E W still go matching on into the final.

Result: Cumbria 0 S E W 3

Surrey vs Cumbria

For a place in the 3/4 play offs, Surrey and Cumbria battled it out in a well fought match from both teams. The crucial match saw Michelle Tang win against Siobhan Wilkins 3-0 to send Cumbria through to a possible podium finish.

Result: Surrey 1 Cumbria 2

GU13 Group B

Kent vs Warwickshire

A decider in this match for the #2 saw Maddy Hill and Amy Rogers battle it out. Amy came through 3-0 edging Warwickshire closer to the final.

Result: Kent 1 Warwickshire 2

Northumberland vs Warwickshire

A win would see Warwickshire move into the final! And a win is what they got! Jess Brazier at #3 3-0, Rosie Kirsh #1 3-0 and Amy Rogers #2 3-1 put the West Midlands team just where they wanted to be.

Result: Northumberland 0 Warwickshire 3

Kent vs Northumbria

This was one of the closest GU13 matches of the day. It went to the deciding string after Karishma Bansal put Kent level with a 3-2 win over Lucy Anderson. Maddy Hill saw it home for Kent with a 3-2 to put them into the 3/4 playoff vs Cumbria.