Some of our favourite squash Tweets,

Issue #2, 27th December 2013:

Im so not ready to turn 24. #sooldomfg

— Misaki Kobayashi (@Mskobayashi16) December 26, 2013
Yes, of course Santa plays squash. Why else would he give me these amazing cuff links? Merry Christmas everyone!

— Squash Republic (@SquashRepublic) December 25, 2013
@FarahAMeguid all I want for Christmas is height   haha

— Misaki Kobayashi (@Mskobayashi16) December 25, 2013
Happy Christmas from the mad house!! #perrypalace #santapaws

— Sarah-Jane Perry (@SJPerry15) December 25, 2013
Had a dream during napping, I was playing basketball with Sam,Omar and Farah…..and I was grumpy because I don’t get to touch the ball.

— Misaki Kobayashi (@Mskobayashi16) December 25, 2013

— Samantha Cornett (@CornettSamantha) December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas twitter world! Hope Santa brought you everything you wished for. We got ours in January… #Noah

— Daryl Selby (@DarylSelby) December 25, 2013
People call it Christmas, I call it Wednesday. What’s up?

— Misaki Kobayashi (@Mskobayashi16) December 25, 2013
From me and @campilley

— Morgan Pilley (@MorgoPilley) December 25, 2013
@RamyAshour my son with his new airstick. Very excited to try his favourite players racket!

— Jon Sharpe (@JonSharpe79) December 24, 2013
thats the exact time it took me to travel home from aussie land… #homesweethome #justintime

— Nicolas Müller (@MuellerNicolas) December 24, 2013
Just finished yoga. Drinking whisky and smoking a cigar in front of the fireplace now. Yet somehow it makes sense. Merry Xmas everybody!

— Laurens Jan Anjema (@ljanjema) December 23, 2013
My response when reading this passage in James Willstrop’s book “A Shot and a Ghost”: I’m sorry, but…

— Amanda Sobhy (@itssobhytime) December 23, 2013
The Xmas vibe in Kuwait is not quite the same.

— Laurens Jan Anjema (@ljanjema) December 22, 2013
Northern 1 vs Northern 2. The Candyman in his festive attire! @NbriaSquash @NorthernFC

— Liam Gutcher (@goldengutcha) December 21, 2013
What i love about going to a single tournament is that you dont have to wash your clothes.

— Farah Abdel Meguid (@FarahAMeguid) December 21, 2013
Tricks of the trade – Peter Nicol’s take on saving energy in this year’s BJO exhibition …

— BJOsquash (@BJOsquash) December 21, 2013
No squash balls allowed on the flight according to Kuwait security. I guess there is a first for everything #myweaponisarubberball

— Alan Clyne (@Clynesquash) December 21, 2013
Earlier today went to support the Egyptian juniors national team b4 their upcoming British junior open tournament…

— Ramy Ashour (@RamyAshour) December 20, 2013
Right well that’s the 3rd selection box that hasn’t made it to it’s intended owner this Christmas #oops

— Jenny Duncalf (@JennyDuncalf) December 23, 2013
Just had some white chocolate…. @MuellerNicolas I blame you….

— Framboise Gommendy (@FramGommendy) December 24, 2013