It’s the end of the year and I need a beer. I’m in Kuwait so I’ll have to wait. No more squash, 10 days off! #poet #hometime #xmas #family

— Daryl Selby (@DarylSelby) December 20, 2013
By the way never seen anyone hit so many outright winners tonight and I felt I was moving well! Dead glass court made it tough but still…

— Daryl Selby (@DarylSelby) December 19, 2013
Got my inflight entertainment sorted out! Hope during the next 16 hours I can absorb some great wisdom! @nickmatthew

— Robert Downer (@robbiedowner92) December 19, 2013
@robbiedowner92 other book might help you more than mine!

— Nick Matthew (@nickmatthew) December 19, 2013
As a squash player I find it ridiculously hard to find jeans and trousers that fit. Can’t imagine what it’s like for cyclists!! #quads

— Greg Lobban (@LobSquash) December 19, 2013
Mission wrap about to commence…

— Jenny Duncalf (@JennyDuncalf) December 18, 2013
@JennyDuncalf Jen, have you bought presents for the whole of harrogate!!?

— Madeline Perry (@MadelinePerry77) December 19, 2013
Thanks heaps 4 th txts/tweets&messages! Happy 2 hav this bit of silverware on th mantel-piece #2013nationalchampion

— arthur gaskin (@artrgaskin) December 18, 2013
On sunday i won my 14th Irish National title…i must have been playing squash for a very long time…

— Madeline Perry (@MadelinePerry77) December 17, 2013
Prague is so strange for me! It’s been -1•C, people drive on the right side of the road & half of the people don’t speak English #experience

— Taylor (@tayflavell) December 19, 2013
Well done @fullerlylo runner up in the US Squash junior open

— wycliffesquash (@wycliffesquash) December 17, 2013
Just on my way to training @BenzBavarian

— Nick Matthew (@nickmatthew) December 17, 2013
Are your hairy legs meant to show through a pair of flight socks & would that happen in Lincou-socks? #lifequestions

— Alan Clyne (@Clynesquash) December 17, 2013
a lost photo of @tomford93 looking really cool in 1st Class lounge in Canada….

— Mike Harris (@Karakal89) December 17, 2013
Got my new shoes from #asics #thanks

— Bart Ravelli (@bartravelli) December 17, 2013
Winter break… When everybody plays nonstop in prep for British Open

— Squash Problems (@Squash_Probs) December 19, 2013
Kuwait Airways bang average! I genuinely think there is less legroom than Ryanair. At least we got a large tv screen

— Daryl Selby (@DarylSelby) December 17, 2013
Taking the ballerina warm up a bit too serious these days…

— KevinSAMoran (@ksam003) December 16, 2013
Sobhy y Elías dominaron el U.S. Junior Open. #Squash

— Zona Squash (@ZonaSquash) December 19, 2013
Just won my 2nd PSA title in Slovakia. Happy to finish the year with a 3-2 win in the finals. Now back to training!!

— Mahesh Mangaonkar (@maheshmangao) December 15, 2013
If ever there was an appropriate name for a squash club champion 1977 & 78’s is it #PickupWasGood

— James Roberts (@jimbob1965) December 18, 2013
Introducing a new Friday Feature – “Tweets of the Week” – Issue One – 20th Dec …

— Squash Site (@SquashSite) December 20, 2013