Kuala Lumpur: World No.1 women’s squash player, Nicol David,  took time out from the ongoing Malaysian National Championships to encourage  Malaysian youth to play squash and help the sport to grow.

Nicol spent a good time with the university squash teams and her fans in “An Evening with Dato’ Nicol David’ organized by Sharon Wee Squash Pro, an academy founded by former national and professional squash player Sharon Wee.

The event was also attended by Minister of Youth and Sports, YB En. Khairy Jamaluddin who applauded Sharon Wee Squash Pro effort to develop squash among the Malaysian youth through its Youth Squash program.

Nicol has also expressed her support towards this program and looking forward to see active youth squash program across Malaysia.

Sharon Wee Squash Pro is planning to organize University Squash Clinic in each state in Malaysia. This is to promote squash among the students and to encourage state or national players to continue active and competitive in squash although they in university.

Next is University-School squash program. It is a mentor and mentee program through squash activities. This is to give early exposure to university youth in coaching and improve their communication and leadership skills.

YB En. Khairy Jamaluddin and En. Hazally Jali from Education Ministry (Higher Education Sports Sector) expressed their support to the Youth Squash program and are willing to cooperate with Sharon Wee Squash Pro.

“I would like to thank Sharon Wee Squash Pro for this event. And it’s a fantastic for me to be able to meet and inspire the youth. The Youth Squash program will definitely help the development of Malaysian squash”, said Nicol.

And she hopes squash will be chosen for Olympic Games 2020 which will be announced on 8 September in Buenos Aires, Argentina.