Malaysia capture five Golds in Amman

The Malaysians were the best at this championships. They had 8 players in 6 finals,  and collected a total of 5 golds out of a possible 8. Hong Kong had 2 and Pakistan one.


Boys Under 19

An outstanding final, befitting the occasion. Two supremely fit and talented players displaying everything required of a top class match. The supporters of top seed and home favourite Ahmad AlSarraj came armed with drums again today, continuing to add a festive touch to the occasion. Alsarraj drew first blood with a polished performance of medium paced drives and delicate winning volley drops.

Raising the tempo the extremely fit and fast Ali took the next two games with some aggressive play. Staying focused, Alsarraj took the fourth with his drops and medium paced drives. In the 5th Ali started at a furious pace despite having played for more than 70 mins. He was 7-3 up. A long rally followed. Alsarraj hit a nick at the back of the court and then followed by two more knicks at the back and the score was 6-7.

An excellent forehand drop and a no let decision and the score was 8-7 Alsarraj. Some long and brilliant rallies ensued. Ali gets to match ball first 10-9. Alsarraj fights back. 11-10 matchball to Alsarraj. A collision- Ali falls, hurts his knee, takes time out to stop slight bleeding. On return saves the match ball and takes the lead 12-11 matchball.

The boisterous crowd is going berserk. A long rally followed by a forehand drop by Ali and Alsarraj asks for a let for interference. No let match to Pakistan and the crowd goes crazy whilst the Pakistani players celebrate. The longest match in the tournament-109 minutes of exhilarating squash. Pakistan retains the Gold.

Girls Under 19

Defending champion Anaka Alankamony of India did not raise her game a notch and lost the finals to Ho Ka Po 3-0. Anaka who has won this title twice before and also an Under 17 Asian champion simply was a pale shadow of herself. She was 6-3 up in the first and 8-5 up in the second and lost both to Ka Po who gave it everything she had.

The third was fought point for point with Anaka making 2 uncharacteristic errors at 10 all to give the match and title to a deserving Ho Ka Po who has never beaten Anaka in more than 8 meetings before. All credit to Ka Po for a gallant effort. Gold to Hong Kong.

Boys Under 17

This was an all-Malaysian affair. Malaysia’s top seed Mohd. Syafiq Kamal versus the 2nd seeded countryman Eain Yeow a two-time British Junior Open Champion (U13 and U15). In the recently concluded Malaysian Open Mohd.Syafiq beat Eain Yeow 3-1 and just in the preceding week it was the same score but the other way around in the Milo Open. Eain Yeow is agile and quick, Syafiq is flamboyant and goes for his shots. The first two games went Eain Yeow’s way as Syafiq continued losing his patience and clipping the tin time and again.

In the third he stayed a little longer with Eain Yeow who then started making mistakes and dropped the third game. The fourth went neck and neck and at 7-6 down Syafiq slowed down the game and did not go for any shot. During one long rally his drive from the front came back towards him-stroke-8-6. Then Eain Yeow played a trickle boast winner and and a cross court nick- 10-6. Syafiq hit a drop into the tin to give the match to Eain Yeow 3-1. First gold in the bag, for Malaysia in this championships.

Girls Under 17

Top seed Choi Uen Shan of Hong Kong had a fairly easy victory over Malaysian N.Hanis. Her basic game was simply too strong and N.Hanis Razak did not have enough firepower in her game to trouble her opponent. Uen Shan was never threatened at any stage of the match and cruised to a 3-0 victory. 2nd Gold to Hong Kong

Boys Under 15

Top seed Malaysian Mohd. Izwan had an amazing 5 setter with the second seeded and home crowd favourite Mohd Alsarraj. It was a game of contrasting styles. Izwan was rock solid with his basic game and kept the ball deep and wide most of the time. In addition he kept his cool through the loud cheering for his opponent that went on throughout the match. On the other hand Alsarraj was aggressive, adventurous and occasionally deceptive. With the crowd backing him to the full Alsarraj was on full flow.

He was 2-1 up in games. Not rattled by this Izwan slogged on, keeping his errors to the minimum whilst his opponent’s was increasing as the match progressed. Finally Izwan emerged the victor collecting the last few points fairly easily. Second gold for Malaysia.

Girls Under 15

This was another all-Malaysian affair. It was a fairly well balanced match and a tame one at that. Andrea took the first Foo took the next two and Andrea took the fourth. Throughout these four games both players kept to a basic game of straights and crosses with the odd boast and drop. With the score standing at 2 apiece, Andrea came into the fifth with a sense of urgency, attacked a lot more and clinched the title with a convincing performance. Third gold for Malaysia.

Boys Under 13

The ever smiling No.1 seed Mohd Zhafri (Mal) played a delightful game of squash to beat the stylish and likeable 2nd seed Veer Chotrani (Ind). Veer took the early lead in the 1st but the steadier game of the No.1 seed drew a string of errors from Veer. The second game should really have gone to veer who was 10-6 up, but all credit to Zhafri who hung in very well. The third was Zhafri’s all the way. However it is pertinent to say that here we have, two extremely talented players and we are going to hear more of them in the years to come. Fourth Gold for Malaysia

Girls Under 13

Kah Yan this years Malaysian Open winner beat Lui Hui Lam (HK) 3-1 in the finals. The first two games went Kah Yan’s way fairly easily as Hui Lam made a string of errors. She looked very nervous. Hui Lam appeared to have regained confidence; in the third it was Kah Yan who was making all the errors. The fourth was fairly evenly fought for the first few points before Kah Yan romped home showing that she was the steadier of the two today. Fifth Gold for Malaysia.