Squash&Art festival 2013 in Krakow for the second time!

Maciek Maciantowicz reports

Part of the festival was the Final of the Polish Squash League 2013, a competition featuring with 16 men’s, 7 women’s and 7 junior teams which qualified from 90 teams that played qualifications during the season.

The rules of league  allowed teams have one foreigner playing in the match only, the remaining members (3 for men team and 2 for women) have to be polish.

Other league finals across Europe meant that some of the players who participated last year couldn’t return, but we still had some other great players such as Raneem El Welily, LJ Anjema, Cameron Pilley , Line Hansen, Lucie Fialova, Eddie Charlton , Jan Koukal, Mathew Karwalski and others – plus 99% of best polish players!

We had three wonderful days and nights with squash and other ART events – squash photo exhibition, music concerts including Saturday’s concert with a band playing in front of glass court, dance shows and after-parties.

The Glass court had a beautiful setting in front of huge trade mall Galeria Krakowska, that has a beautiful glass facade with changing colours. This was great promotion for squash as  the Galeria is the second biggest in Poland, with 80 to 120 thousand people visiting daily, and 40% of those were walking by the court every day!

We also had free of charge lessons of squash on glass court for two days with more than 300 people attending.

Final results:


Simple Kahuna Warszawa beat MySquash Poznań 3-2.
Bronze to Szczecin Team after beating Saxon No Let Krakow 4-1

Womens final:

Malaka Bielsko Biała beat Simple Kahuna Warszawa 2-1.
Bronze to McWIL-Harrow Squash4You after beating MySquash Poznań 2-1.

Mens final:

McWIL Harrow Squash4You Kraków beat Simple Kahuna Warszawa 3-1.
Bronze to Karakal Squashcity Warszawa after beating Hasta la Vista Wroclaw 2-2 (9-6).